I’m back pwotagonists!

Yugi as seen with his 'other self', known as D...

Jaden Yuki

Yusei Fudo, the series' main protagonist.

I’ve been so busy trying to get a job lately and trying to get my dad to help with the FAFSA (He likes paper, not computers) that I have not had time to really pay much attention to my blog.  T.T  I apologize for the hiatus.  But I did have an interview for Kroger yesterday and IT WENT GREAT! I really hope I get the job.  But anyway, I purposely misspelled protagonist in the title for this blog post because of one of the characters in Yugioh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged Movie.

This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time (even though it’s just a fandub).  BBT Abridged was so well done in everything from the voices for the characters to the lip syncing.  The whole movie is a parody.  Some of the parodies are: Luna’s voice is like Snarf’s voice from Thundercats and Paradox’s voice as a combination of Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory and Elmer Fudd.

BBT is about how Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei must face the evil Paradox to save the world. I shall not give any more spoilers than that!

I think I’ve watched it too many times though.  I can almost quote the whole movie!  I’ve kinda been watching it every day at lunch time.  (This has been going on for about 2 or 3 weeks now.)  My poor cat has to deal with me picking him up and holding him high above my head saying “I have you now pwotagonist! Ahaha ahahahaha ahaha ahahahaha!”  The movie is awesome and only takes about 35 minutes to watch it.  The only thing I am not so fond of is the language.  It’s pretty bad in the beginning, but there’s less of it towards the end.

I highly recommend BBT Abridged for people who are at least 17 already because of the language.

Brie >w<


An Onigiri in a Fruits Basket

Music of Fruits Basket

Back: Shigure Sohma Middle: Kyo and Yuki Sohma Front: Tohru Honda

I would have to say that Fruits Basket is the series that got me really into watching anime and reading manga and recognise them as they are and not just “cartoons.”  The series is absolutely awesome.  When my mom bought the first volume, she didn’t know what it was. To her it was merely a stocking stuffer for Christmas and a way to get my little sister and me to quit fighting over if I could read the comics from her middle school since my old high school didn’t have many good books.  The book opened up a brand new world for me and it provided as a getaway when I didn’t want anything to do with my mom’s now ex-boyfriend or his kids.

Fruits Basket is about a girl named Tohru Honda whose mom had died earlier that year and had decided to live in a tent in the woods on her own so as not to burden anyone.  SHe is discovered by the prince of her high school (Yuki Sohma) and his uncle (Shigure Sohma) who live in a house on that hill  they take her in to their home since she was ill and had nowhere to go.  She agreed to live with them, but only on the condition that she could help out by cleaning and cooking for her room and board.  Later, Prince Yuki’s cousin Kyo storms in and tries to fight Yuki, but he ends up being somewhat hugged by Tohru in a desperate plea for them to not fight.  All of a sudden Kyo turns into a cat and later Yuji into a rat and Shigure into a dog.  Tohru learns of the family curse and she decides to help make her new family happy by doing anything she can.

I highly suggest this anime, especially for people who are new to the anime world.  I kind of served as an icebreaker for me I guess.  The series is well written and the anime (both dub and sub) are phenomenal. I give this series a 10 out of 10.

Brie >w<

Make Pasta, Not War!

The Axis Powers, primary characters within the...

The Axis Powers, primary characters within the series. From left to right: Japan, North Italy, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Allied Powers, primary characters within t...
The Allied Powers, primary characters within the series. From left to right: Russia, England, America, China, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hetalia has got to be one of my favorite anime of all time.  I even used it as a study guide for the Social Studies portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Test and that was all I used for a study guide.  I got Honors in both Math and Social Studies while getting Advanced Proficiency in Science and Literature.  I have to admit though, I almost burst out laughing in the middle of the test since I pictured every question in the way Hetalia has or would have put it.  The episodes are just a little over 5 minutes each, but they are jam-packed with so much history in such a comical way.  Also it’s very fast paced, so be make sure to try to keep up.  The first season is titled Hetalia: Axis Powers and is 52 episodes long, then there’s Hetalia: World Series which I believe is also 52 episodes. There is also the hilarious Hetalia: Paint it, White! movie that has pretty much nothing to do with history except for the characters being countries.

The anime does take all the typical stereotypes of people from different countries to make the characters and in the English dub, it’s taken to a whole new level using stereotypical accents for each character.  Some people might find this offensive, but it’s just a cartoon that was made for fun.

Hidekaz Himaruya, you did a spectacular job on this series. I give this a rating from 1 to 10 an “Over 9000!” (Sorry, I just had to. >w<)

Brie >w<

It’s time to D-d-d-d-d-DUEL!

Yugi as seen with his 'other self', known as D...

Yugi as seen with his ‘other self’, known as Yami Yugi, Pharaoh and Atem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my close friends and I were thinking about cosplaying as 2 of the Yugioh! characters at Anime Day Atlanta.  She hasn’t seen many anime, but she has gotten me to give another look at a few anime I have seen before (like Yugioh!).

I have not seen the whole series and I have only watched the original series that aired on Cartoon Network a long time ago. The dub was terrible (courtesy of 4kids), but I think I kind of liked the way it was. I could always laugh at the strained voices of the characters when they say “Aha! I have found out your plan of attack!” and the long cries of “Nooooo!”

From what I can remember, the series was about a boy named Yugi Moto who had a millennium puzzle with the ancient spirit of a pharaoh inside it and the pharaoh shared a body with Yugi.  Yugi goes around playing “duel monsters” to make his way to duel with the creator of the game whose name I believe was Pegasus. Yugi wanted to beat Pegasus because Pegasus sent Yugi’s grandfather to the Shadow Realm.

I am going to start watching it completely from the beginning in the 4kids dub (le GASP!) since I enjoyed the dub before and I might also watch it in Japanese as well.

Brie >w<

P.S. By the way I am planning on cosplaying as Yugi/Yami from the original and my friend cosplaying as Yusei from 5Ds.

I’m gonna be King of the Pirates!

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My best friend got me into One Piece almost a year ago.  It’s an anime about a 17-year-old boy named Monkey D. Luffy who aspires to be the King of the Pirates and find the One Piece treasure.

I remember seeing it on Toonami way back in 2005, I think, and I always thought that it was pretty stupid.  Well, that was because 4kids had the licensing for it back then and they always censored many great features of the anime (ex. Sanji’s cigarettes edited to be lollipops), unnecessary name changes (like Zoro to Zolo or Ace to Trace), and the randomest voices that are not befitting of the characters at all (ex. Shanks being Australian?!).  Thank God that Funimation has the licensing now.  They did an awesome job with One Piece.

After I watch the series in English (of what they have so far), I’m going to watch it again in Japanese.  There are so many differences in the reactions of the characters between the two dubs (Funimation’s English dub and the original Japanese).  This is a series that I HIGHLY recommend watching and rewatching again and again.

Brie >w<

So, the other day….


Durarara!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I found a site that I have not logged onto in a whole year.  www.dollars-bbs.org   The site is only accessible by a secret password (of which I shall not reveal) which is shown in I think episode 10 of Durarara!!  The Dollars is a colorless “gang” that is not bound by age, color, ethnicity, economic status, or ability.  Anyone can join the Dollars; all you have to do is say you’re in it and you’re in.  The site has a “missions” page where a member can post a proposal of what we (the Dollars) can do to help make the world better one mission at a time.

There was one mission that I saw with black balloons and metallic Sharpies.  I really wish I wasn’t so broke right now so I can participate.  The mission was to go out and buy a bunch of black balloons and write on them with the Dollars logo and the quote “The world isn’t as bad as you think it is.”  Then you would just give them out at your local mall or park or whatever to random people.

I have not read the manga for Durarara yet, but the anime is awesome!  Unfortunately, there are only about 25 or 26 episodes, but each episode will have you wanting to watch the next one.  I love the english dub and I will have to try the japanese dub soon.

For those of you who are reading this and have not seen or read the series, I hope you will try it out.  And for everyone reading this post, “enjoy your Russia sushi.”

Brie >w<